Stop, Drop, Spin, Hop!

★ Paper plate
★ Sticky notes
★ Cardboard
★ Split pin
★ Dice
★ Hole punch
★ Tape/ glue

How to Make-
★ Label paper plate with activities (examples: jumping jacks, jumping, stand on one foot, push ups, catching a ball, dribbling a ball, etc.)
★ Cut out cardboard spinner (arrow)
★ Punch hole in the center of the plate and through the cardboard spinner
★ Attach spinner to plate with pin

How to Play-
★ Roll the dice, the number that is lands on is how many times the player will perform that act
★ Each player takes a turn spinning the wheel
★ Whatever activity it lands on the player must perform

Too easy for your child? Have them spin the spinner 2, 3, or even 4 times and remember all the activities the spinner lands on- then, have the child complete the activities in the same order from memory!

Skills Addressed
★ Sequencing and motor planning
★ Following directions
★ Turn taking
★ Fine motor control to spin the spinner
★ Gross motor skills and coordination (depending upon activities used)