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Consultations & School Observations

We provide consultations and school observations for specific students identified through a screening or other referral source to educate care providers and/or educators and offer strategies to effectively work with that particular child. Suggestions and strategies are given to help manage behavior, promote skill development and carry over techniques being used in therapy. A consultation appointment is NOT a treatment session as the therapist is not providing 1:1 treatment intervention; it is a supplemental program recommended to be utilized in addition to an individualized therapy program.  For more information, contact us (link).


Group classes

We offer group based classes during the summer to address various skills, such as fine motor skills, social skills, speech & language skills, sensory & gross motor,  independent living skills, and more. Classes are customized to meet the needs of the individual participants. Summer classes are provided in our clinic, but school year groups can be customized and implemented in other settings, based upon request. To see a list of our currently scheduled groups, click here (link to news/events).


Presentations & workshops

Our experienced staff provides training and presentations to parents and professionals, at our clinic and off site locations. Topics may include, but are not limited to, sensory processing & behavior, normal development, strategies for picky eaters, speech & language, etc.  To request a presentation or workshop for your group, please contact us (link). To see a list of upcoming presentations, click here (link to news/events).


Babysitter training

This 6 hour program is designed to provide specific training to babysitters and caregivers/staff on how to work more effectively with kids with special needs. Participants will be educated on developmental milestones, abnormal development, tips and strategies for sensory processing related issues, behavior strategies, and tools for promoting age appropriate skills including how to adapt tasks to meet a child’s specific needs. The babysitter portion will also include hands-on training under supervision in order to demonstrate the skills learned.

Recommended Participants:

Anyone interested in working with children with special needs in the future, or anyone currently working with kids with special needs who want to improve their skills

Babysitter group (Ages 14-18), Caregiver group (Ages 18 +)


This program is typically offered once a year, but the schedule may change based upon demand.  To see a list of upcoming presentations, click here (news/events). For more information about this program, contact us (LINk)



If you have concerns about your child’s development, you can complete our Screening Checklist here (link).


We also provide FREE developmental screenings in order to assess the skills and development of children, both in the school setting and in our clinic. Screenings scheduled by individual families are conducted at our clinic. Screenings scheduled by a school or day care center can be conducted at the school.


Screenings typically last 15-30 minutes per child or group of children and can help to determine whether or not further assessment may be needed, as well as identify the child’s areas of concern.

If you would like more information about our developmental screenings, or would like to schedule a    screening, please contact us (link)


Sensory equipment rental

We provide a rental program to allow families to test out various sensory products before purchasing them. Some items available in our rental program include: Therapeutic Listening, weighted blankets, weighted lap pads, fidgets, compression sheets, body socks, weighted vests, and more.


Additionally, we have a number of sensory products available for purchase at our clinic. For more information, please contact us